Registration is open for DebConf14, taking place in Portland, Oregon, USA from Saturday, August 23 to Sunday, August 31, 2014. Attendees must register by Thursday, May 15 to apply for sponsored food, accommodation, or travel. After this date, registrations will still be accepted in any of the basic, professional, and corporate categories, but requests for sponsorship will no longer be accepted.

The conference will be held at the Smith Memorial Student Union on the campus of Portland State University in downtown Portland. On-campus accommodations will be available to both sponsored and non-sponsored attendees at the nearby Ondine and Broadway residence halls, and meals will be served in the cafeteria of the Ondine building. A group rate is also available at the University Place hotel.

Registration fees

As always, basic registration for DebConf is free of charge for attendees. If you are attending the conference in a professional capacity, or as a representative of your company, we ask that you consider registering in one of our paid categories, to help cover the costs of putting on the conference:

  • Professional registration: with a rate of 200 USD for the week, this covers the costs associated with your individual attendance at the conference.
  • Corporate registration: with a registration fee of 500 USD, this category is intended for those participating in DebConf as representatives of companies and helps to subsidize the cost of the conference for others.

As was the case for DebConf13, these registration fees do not include food or accommodation.

We encourage all attendees to help make DebConf a success by selecting the registration category appropriate for their situation.

Payments and invoicing

Conference registration fees can be paid through the payments page.

Information on payment of conference registration fees will be made available here in the near future.

Payments for non-sponsored food and accommodation at PSU should be made directly to Portland State University. You have the option of paying for food and accommodation on-line at the time of registration, or you can pay upon arrival. If paying upon arrival, PSU encourages payment by credit card, not cash.

If you would like an invoice for any part of a fee or donation made, please mail with:

  • Name(s) of attendee(s) and registration categories
  • Organisation and address to be invoiced
  • List of payments/donations made and how you would like them recorded.

On-campus accommodation

Information about the university accommodations, including access to the PSU rec center, can be found on the PSU website. Recreation center access is included with all room reservations.

If you are not requesting sponsored accommodation, you still have the option of staying on campus in the dorms, in either a single or double room. Prices are:

  • Single room with a private bath in room: 46 USD per night
  • Double room with a shared bath in room: 23 USD per person per night

Non-sponsored attendees only will be given the option to register for on-campus accommodations once they have registered for DebConf. Or you can follow this link to register with PSU directly.

Note that you must still register for the conference on the DebConf website.

If you are staying on campus, PSU recommends that you bring an ethernet cord with you for Internet usage. While the residence halls have wifi coverage, it's expected that the wireless will be quite saturated and an ethernet connection is recommended.


The conference has arranged a discount rate at the university-owned University Place. Please use group code B1255 when booking.


Sponsored food will consist of three meals a day on weekdays, served in the Ondine cafeteria; and two meals a day on the weekends (brunch and dinner).

Non-sponsored attendees have the option of purchasing a meal plan for the week, allowing them to eat in the dining hall together with sponsored attendees. For reasons of dining logistics and to ensure the PSU cafeteria has a reasonably accurate headcount in advance, meal plans will need to be purchased for the duration of your stay, not per day.

There will be an option to pay at the door, but the price will be higher and the number of people paying cash will be limited. If you intend to eat dinner out a lot during the week, you might consider the "Breakfast-Lunch" meal plan.

The following meal plans are available:

  • Full-meal Plan (Monday-Friday): Begins with dinner the day you check in and will continue until Friday dinner. 21 USD per day.
  • Weekend meal plan (Saturday-Sunday): On-campus dining will offer two meals daily during the weekend, brunch and dinner. 15.50 USD per day.
  • Breakfast-Lunch (Daily): Begins with breakfast the morning after check-in and will continue until Friday lunch. On weekends this choice will convert to brunch and dinner. 14 USD per day.
  • Breakfast only (Monday-Friday): Begins with breakfast the morning after check-in and will continue until Friday. 6.25 USD per day.

If you would like to purchase a meal plan on site, but are not staying on campus, please contact in advance of the conference to arrange this. You will be able to pay for the meal plan on site in Broadway Suite 210, but will need to book your meal plan in advance.

Please note that all meal plans include breakfast, whether or not you are staying on campus.


Volunteers are always welcome! If you want to volunteer, contact us by email at, or on the #debconf-team IRC channel on

Sponsored attendance

Any member of the Debian community is welcome to request sponsorship to attend DebConf. As in previous years, we will do our best to offer sponsored food and accommodation to Debian contributors, but sponsorship is subject to demand and available funding. Decisions regarding sponsorship requests are expected by the end of May, 2014.

The deadline for travel sponsorship applications is Thursday, May 15.

Travel grants

Each year, a limited budget is available to sponsor travel for some people who would otherwise be unable to attend. Travel sponsorship will be decided in the same timeframe as food and accommodation sponsorship, with decisions expected by the end of May, 2014.

If you would like to apply for travel sponsorship, please fill in the registration pages as accurately as possible. Even if you have not arranged your travel when you apply for sponsorship, we need to know which days you intend to spend at the conference.

So that we may allocate travel sponsorship funds as fairly as possible, we ask that you honestly assess what portion of your travel expenses you can afford to pay on your own. Please also help us by making an effort to minimize your travel expenses.

Please be aware that, while travel sponsorship reimbursements will be made as soon as possible, this will only happen after the conference has ended and may take some time.

The deadline for travel sponsorship applications is Thursday, May 15.

Invitation letters

If you need a invitation letter, please send your request to and make sure to include your full name, passport number and expiration date as well as your physical address.


If you require special accommodation due to a disability, or have any other needs we can help with, please mail us at


DebConf is committed to a safe environment for all participants. All attendees are expected to treat all people and facilities with respect and help create a welcoming environment. If you notice behavior that fails to meet this standard, please speak up and help to keep DebConf as respectful as we expect it to be.

If you are harassed and requests to stop are not successful, or notice a disrespectful environment, the organizers want to help. Please contact us at We will treat your request with dignity and confidentiality, investigate, and take whatever actions appropriate. We can provide information on security, emergency services, transportation, alternative accommodations, or whatever else may be necessary. If mediation is not successful, DebConf reserves the right to to take action against those who do not cease unacceptable behavior.

How to register

If you want to attend DebConf14, please fill out the registration form.

This year, conference registration is integrated with the new Debian SSO system. If you are a Debian developer and have not previously used the Debian SSO system, you will need to configure an SSO password on If you are not a Debian developer, you will have an opportunity to create an alioth account as part of the registration process. For more information about Debian single sign-on, see the Debian wiki.

For any further questions related to registration, read the FAQ or mail Please see also the visa page for information on travel and visas.

Further steps

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