Payments and Donations for DebConf14

Registration choices

As always, basic registration for DebConf is free of charge for attendees. If you are attending the conference in a professional capacity, or as a representative of your company, we ask that you consider registering in one of our paid categories, to help cover the costs of putting on the conference. Prices for the paid registration packages can be found here.

As was the case for DebConf13, these registration fees do not include food or accommodation. Payments for on-campus accommodation and food during the conference should be made directly to PSU.


Any donation you can make will be gratefully received and will be used to support this year's DebConf in Portland.

Money transfer details

Payments and donations for DebConf14 are accepted through Debian's fiscal sponsor SPI. The payment methods listed below can be used to pay attendee fees. Additional donations are encouraged, and can be paid via the same mechanisms.

Since we will be spending money in Dollars, direct payment in Dollars to SPI will minimize bank and currency exchange fees for DebConf.

If you have any doubts regarding how much you need to pay, please mail


SPI can be paid via credit card using Click&Pledge. There are two forms, one for attendee fees and one for donations. Click&Pledge can be used to make payments worldwide in USD via VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Payments via AMEX are also accepted via our alternate payment processor. If the name on the card does not match the attendee name, or you are paying for multiple attendees, please email

The SPI Treasurer can be contacted to arrange other payment methods.

Infrastructure sponsors